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Donate an amount of your own choice. It’s only a few steps to make a valuable and sustainable contribution to animal welfare.

 With your donation you support TierQuarTier Vienna and give thousands of animals in need a chance for a better future.


She´s a 25 year old female streamer from Austria, she streams all kind of games and she ends up getting interested in! Also, she´s a Vtuber, or to be more specific, she´s a Cyber Demon!



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While streaming calling for donations – every charity stream and every EURO count. Let´s create your own donation website NOW and make your streams even more unique!

5 tips for a successful campaign 

1. Create your personal campaigns with us. Your viewers advantage is, they exactly know, where their donations go to, and they automatically receive a corresponding donation receipt for their tax refund.

2. You need hype! Make sure to promote your event on the trending social media platforms.

3. Set up tools for moderation. Prep your mods with information, tell them how your viewers can donate, and give them your personal link to your campaign.

4. Let new viewers know about your concern. In addition to your moderators and chat bot messages, you can create a linked panel under your stream and add the „Charities“ tag to help new viewers find your stream more easily.

5.  Start early enough. You should go live just before the official start time of your event to warm up, make yourself comfortable and give your viewers the opportunity to get in before the start shot.



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